7 Feb 2011

A blast from the past!

There is always a first time!! And this is how it was for me ...

It was a beautiful sunday morning, the dawn was inviting. I stepped out the door in my new Nike Bowerman footwear bought a few days ago, made a brisk walk to Joggers park inside the colony where I lived in Mumbai. The air smelt fresh as if there had been a few cloudbursts the night before.

Ironically contradictory to its name, Joggers park only had some walkers and strollers. I met a few senior citizens(who meet daily as part of a laughter club) who greeted  me with a "Hello doc, good morning. So, are you out for a walk?" I did not dare tell them that I was out to jog!

I walked for a few minutes and then slowly eased into a jog. Exactly five minutes into it and I was huffing, puffing and totally humbled. Did I feel like a defeated soldier? I attempted again and this time heard my breath and the pat sounds of my shoes on the ground. There was a certain sense of peace and calm I felt within me, in this monotony.

It was like meditation every morning and gradually after a few circles of walking interspersed with jogging over the next 20 days, I transformed into a runner. The senior citizens in the park every morning gave me company, encouraging and prodding me along the tracks saying "Run beta (hindi for child), its good for you"

I was hooked and looked forward to this new found form of meditation, my early morning runs and chats with my new friends. Just like new parents are excited about their baby's first crawl, I cannot describe in words the excitement, bliss, peace and energy I felt with this new found passion for running.

I had embarked on a new and exciting journey!

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