8 Feb 2011

"Dream Run" - Mumbai January 2005.

 Walt Disney famously said If you can DREAM it, you can DO it!

Just two months since I started, running had become my every morning routine. It was my "ME" time. It was the time where I became one with nature, smelt the flowers and fresh leaves at the park,  enjoyed the cool breeze which blew through my hair as I absorbed the golden rays of the early morning sun. It was the time where my inner self felt happiest.

A close friend at work, Shanti, who was also preparing for her first half marathon encouraged me and brought me an application form for the 6km "Dream Run" at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in Jan 2005. This was officially my first race. I remember exactly what she told me then. "You are not competing against anyone but your own self, Priya".

The run was scheduled for 9am. There was magic in the air.  I did not know that Mumbai city on a marathon day  pulsated with double the vibrancy and energy as it does on a normal day. I soaked in the mood of the fun run. People young and old participated and cheered with such enthusiasm. Participants in various  fancy costumes paraded along to the beats of drums and loud music filled the air.I completed the run in 40 minutes and was excited to finish.  It was such a memorable experience and will forever remain fresh in my memory.

All the excitement encouraged me to dedicate this run to my senior citizen friends at Joggers Park!

My life partner and best friend was awaiting my phone call anxiously at a friends place. And when I called, he could sense the excitement in my voice. We had a sumptuous buffet lunch with friends to celebrate the success of my first race (and this became a ritual after every race I ran in Mumbai thereafter!)

"I have a dream, a fantasy
To help me through reality
And my destination makes it worth a while
Pushing through the darkness still another mile.......

ABBA was still buzzing in my ears as my head hit the pillow peacefully that night.

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