23 Jun 2011

Run free, run barefoot

"Run free, run barefoot", has been my mantra since the last six months and am transitioning into running barefoot. As a child I remember crawling,walking and running everywhere with naked feet and I ask myself this question- what happened to this form of living with passing years? Feet kissing mother earth and feeling the stones, sand, grass, water and all that she has to offer, can be so divine! Am so happy to rediscover this freedom of running and would like to share a wonderful link..... look up Diva links for more


Its an amazing site by Caity McCardell -is truly informative, awesome and a must visit for all women who wish to run or who are already running barefoot.Enjoy!!

Currently I run with my Vibram Five Fingers "Bikila", which I happily call "monkey feet" and sometimes naked feet without the minimalistic footwear on tracks, grass. Along with some valuable suggestions from Jason Robillards second edition of "The barefoot running book" am hoping to transition smoothly and enjoy effortless, injury free running for a lifetime.

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